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Meet the LkSG with BISS/CAIGO—the holistic SaaS solution!

BISS/CAIGO is a unique total solution to manage risks along complete supply chains according to the LkSG!

Document management

Questionnaire administration, risk assessment evaluations and management

Evaluated suppliers

according to the risks defined by the company; critically evaluated suppliers have the opportunity for improvement

BISS as service provider

provides the software as SaaS solution

Your decision for BISS/CAIGO is future-proof

With BISS/CAIGO, you can conveniently implement the German Supply Chain Compliance Act (LkSG). The key performance features of BISS/CAIGO:
  • You recognize the risk profiles of your supply partners
  • You prioritize risks and counteractive measures
  • You manage risks of complete(!) supply chains
  • You implement the measures for risk elimination
  • You receive support in the legally required annual effectiveness review of your measures
  • You fulfill the reporting obligation to Bafa

Already today BISS/CAIGO fulfills the EU requirement to audit complete supply chains from 2026/2027. Then, in addition to direct supply partners, indirect supply partners must also be subjected to a risk analysis.

With BISS/CAIGO you therefore decide now for a future-proof solution.

  • Overall risk assessment by region and country in terms of probability of occurrence and severity

    With BISS/CAIGO you keep the overview!

    The dashboard presents the evaluated risk profile of your supplier relationships with regard to selected risks (here: child labor). The weighting of the purchasing volume is broken down for direct and indirect supply partners.
    • In the CAIGO portal, you can see the project status "Implementation of the LkSG in our company" at a glance.
    • The supplier portal brings together all the information about your supply partners.
    • The supplier list provides an overview of key data on your supply partners and their respective risk profiles.
    • Intuitive creation of a new questionnaire with the questionnaire designer
    • Modification of a selected question catalog with translation function into one of the 24 stored target languages
    • Risk-adequate measures can be stored for each supplier and their implementation can be monitored

      BISS/CAIGO supports you in the implementation of the LkSG

      These features are included:
      • Catalogs of measures with different types of measures for risk elimination and prevention.
      • Prepared—of course modifiable—questionnaires with automatic evaluation of the answers
      • Predefined risk models for different industries that can be adapted to your sector
      • Flexible definition of automated processes
      • Import function for the master data of all suppliers
      • Automatic creation of the risk profile of each supplier
      • Reporting function to Bafa (is already prepared; as soon as Bafa has completed the interface, the function will also be usable)
      • Available in 24 languages

      Why BISS/CAIGO is relevant for you

      Background: What is the LkSG about?

      It's about a lot: the aim of the LkSG is to improve the international human rights situation, sustainability and environmental protection. To this end, companies should fulfill their due diligence obligations and put their global supply relationships to the test to determine the extent to which production complies with appropriate standards..

      The German LkSG addresses seven of the seventeen ESG sustainability goals of the United Nations (UN), which primarily affect human rights. It also addresses environmental goals, as soil contamination or air and water pollution can directly affect the quality of life of people in producing countries. Sanctions are written into the law in the event that companies do not meet this due diligence obligation (to a sufficient degree). This is why we talk about "risks" that need to be checked.

      Which risks need to be audited?

      The range is broad and can be adapted according to the company profile: It ranges from the exclusion of child labor, compliance with human rights and freedoms, respect for property rights, and the anti-corruption index to climate and environmental protection and noise emissions.

      How is the audit carried out?

      Suppliers worldwide are surveyed by means of questionnaires. The effort involved is considerable: Around a quarter of the (currently) affected companies have up to 2,000 suppliers, and another quarter have up to 10,000 suppliers - counting only the direct suppliers!

      With BISS/CAIGO you have the entire process of external risk analysis under control:

      • 1

        Identify risks

        • Which risks are relevant for our company?
        • According to which criteria are the risks weighted?
      • 2

        Assess risks

        • Individual evaluation of country risks and commodity group risks
        • Aggregation of country and commodity group risks; classification of risks per supplier
        • Formation of supplier risk classes
      • 3

        Develop countermeasures

        • Derivation of standardized processes for preventive and remedial measures per supplier risk class
      • 4

        Implement countermeasures

        • Conduct supplier audits and sustainability workshops
        • Query risk strategies and management plans on supplier side
      • 5

        Risk review

        • Continuous risk tracking and risk analysis carried out at least annually
        • Documentation of results, e.g. as human rights and sustainability report
        • If necessary: Adaptation of processes and measures

        Do you need advice on the topic of LkSG implementation?

        We support you in meeting the challenges of the LkSG.

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