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Instruments of sustainable and responsible corporate governance

How can economic growth be shaped in an environmentally friendly way in the face of limited resources? How can the climate crisis be averted? How can human rights be enforced worldwide and more social justice be achieved?
It's about the big picture: a better world. The realization that only a change in the global economic system at all levels will contribute to achieving these goals poses major challenges for corporate management in the 21st century in terms of sustainability and social responsibility. In order to achieve the agreed global goals of the UN (Sustainable Development Goals, SDGs), these must be translated into operational sub-goals and these in turn must be enforced through a complex system of guidelines and laws.

Relevant terms and topics in the context of LkSG/CSDDD

The diagram relates important terms and topics of a regulatory sustainability policy to one another. The aim is to show how the overall BISS/CAIGO solution fits into the overall system and supports the implementation of the LkSG/CSDDD. BISS/CAIGO is a central instrument for your company in fulfilling legal obligations relating to sustainability, social responsibility and compliance with human rights.

In the following diagram you can click on the individual areas to obtain detailed information!

Download structure diagram

This link will take you to a PDF with a detailed version of the diagram. (In german language only)